Saving Cicadas

Have you ever wanted to just chuck it all? You know, today you wake up and life is way too much to handle. So why not just make the change? Jump in the car and go? I know that I have felt that way, but never made that leap.

While reading Saving Cicadas I felt a kinship with Priscilla Lynn Macy who learns she's having another child unexpectedly so she packs the family into the car to escape. In doing so she takes her family (we can not runaway without them) on a road trip. Of course this turns into a mystery and takes us on an unexpected journey.

I have to say I enjoy twist and turns in a story. And being reminded that we all count. Even the very smallest of us all. Nicole Seitz has used her Southern spirit to create full characters and a story of redemption. I wish to thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending me Saving Cicadas. This was a good read. You can pick up this story to share for only $14.99. I feel it would be a good book for a teenager and older.

Nicole Seitz is the author of The Spirit of Sweetgrass and 3 other stories as well as a freelance writer/illustrator who has published in numerous South Carolina magazines. Nicole shows her paintings in the Charleston, South Carolina, where she owns a web design firm. And she is like so many of us, a wife and mother.

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