I was so happy when I opened my mailbox this last week. Why? Well, because Timothy D Thomas sent me his newest flip book of DIDYANO?
Yes, like above. All signed by him and full of great illustrations. He is a talented artist and author from Florida and has helped out there with state wide campaigns to help protect the wildlife.

Well, now I am going to be able to share this great book with Miss Emma and our two newest lil ladies to join in, Miss Lilly and Miss Shyla. These lil ladies will love the bright paintings in the DIDYANO? book. But, I am waiting to hear the oldest two repeat all the fun facts.

One the first side, DIDYANO? ZOOS, we find out that each group of animals have a different name for their group. Like a parade of elephants or a crash of rhinos. Sounds like a circus right there. And then each page is filled with fun facts about each type of animal. The a fore mentioned elephants have four knees but can not jump. Oh, I understand that, my knees can't bear the brunt of my weight either.

But when you finish the first half of the book you then flip it over and start all over again. Now we are on DIDYANO? AQUARIUMS. Here we learn about a shiver of sharks and that many odd things have been found in their tummys. And my ever favorite huddle of penguins and that they they can dive 1,700 feet underwater.

Of course you can see this is on my gift guide for my grandbabes too! I am a great fan of reading. And sharing that love with children is a passion of mine. I am so thankful to Timothy Thomas for creating this wonderful, fun and informative book for me to share with my grandbabes and babysitting girls.

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    Thanks for the wonderful review!

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