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I have been a fan of Ken Blanchard for many many years. He helped me with the One Minute Manager when I was a young executive. Well he has now teamed up with a great group of trainers to give us Whale Done Parenting.

First I have to say that I think we all can use parenting help. Kids do not come with owners manuals (and some should). And there is all sorts of ways to help children become healthy adults. Here is a book to share positive parenting techniques for you and your kids.

Here we start with killer whale trainer-in-training Amy Sheldrake, who is able to get a killer whale to preform amazing tricks but had a hard time getting her own son to do simple task. So Amy and her husband started using the same principals that they used on killer whales on their own son. Once Amy and Matt were able to get the hang of the five Whale Done principles, they then saw a dramatic difference in overcoming challenges like following bedtime routines, dealing with tantrums, introducing new foods, sharing, avoiding overuse of the word no, learning to care for a pet, and instituting time-outs. Isn't this something we all would like to have a handle on?

Well, we are going to share this with you too! Yes, a giveaway! You can get your own copy of Whale Done Parenting right here. We are giving away 5 copies, yes 5! To enter first and foremost visit Whale Done Parenting and look at their first two chapters preview. Tell me something you found interesting there. (This is mandatory to enter.) You can also have extra entries too. Additional entries can all be done with a separate comment for each for following, having my button, twittering, links on face book, sending others to the giveaway (they have to credit you) and blogging about this great giveaway. Make sure that I can contact you some how in order to let you know if your the winner.

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  1. Ok, I have to have one! I love the way they redirect negative attention and replace it with a good suggestion simply replacing bad behavior with good! Also, I will link to my blog. People will enjoy reading it even if they don't have kids. Jen and Poo

  2. WOW, I read the first book in this series and simply loved it .. now can't wait for this second one!

    From the sample chapters, what I liked most was, the 'supposed-to-be-complex-management-concept' is broken down into a useful theory for the real life, So that any parent could read, enjoy and benefit it!

    - Naga


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