A Few More Winners!

The winner of the Progresso soup, mugs and spoons is:

Umm, not sure I really go out of my way to get fiber. Would really love to try these though. Please enter me. Thanks! Lori L.
blessed6mom@yahoo.comAnd the winner for Funky Kidz is:

Charity said...

I am also a follower of your blog :)

Go over and congradulate Charity and visit her blog too!

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  1. We're orginally from east TX - Gilmer/Longview area. We got stationed at Fort Hood up until a year ago, so we spent two years there, before that we were at the coast of Mississippi for a few years. Nothin' beats Texas! :)

    We don't know how long we'll be living here in FL - as long as my husband works at the school house I'm sure. *lol* He's done a year now, and as long as they keep him around we'll stay here.


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