Making Sweet Scents

We have a dog who loves to play with the adorable soft black and white "kitties" that come in our

Striped skunkImage via Wikipedia

yard from time to time. Living in the country brings all kinds. This week we have been the feeding grounds for armadillos and the play yard for the skunks. And of course our senior dog ran to play, play and play. Now we have the sweet scents of skunk odor all over.

Thank goodness for EarthCare! They had already sent me two containers of Clear the Air Odor Eliminator for Skunk Odors. And not anytime too soon. I ran to the house and grabbed on and an old stocking. Poured the canister contents into the stocking, tied off the end and started shaking it all over our dog. Then we hung the bag up over the back door.

Wow what a difference it made, quickly. My dog started smelling better fast and the odor from the yard wafting into the house begin to dispense. I was so glad. I know that I will always have a can of this on hand for these "sweet scents". Thanks so much EarthCare!

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  1. Ewww skunk smell. Yuck. I'm glad that you had something to make it go away. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment.

  2. oh I remember being sprayed by a skunk when i was a was bad!!!

    The odor eliminator sounds like something i need to try!

  3. Hey Lynette! This Hughesnet took forever to load your comment section!. Sorry about that! I'll comment on the other posts when I get home. Anyway, We always have trouble with skunks out here. One night, I went outside to feed the cats ( in the dark), turn the porch light on only to see a skunk standing there eating the cat food. Luckily I got back inside before it got me! As far asd mark Lowery, I 've heard of him, but never wqatche4d him. I'll check him out. I'm not one for watching them on tv, except once n a while I'll watch Joyce Meyer.

    Love ya!


  4. Haha, don't you love ede de skunk. Yes I am making up words.


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