Sweet Scents from the Litter Box

This last weekend our neighbors had a birthday party. Their in-laws were driving across the state just to attend. Of course my friend wanted the house to be at it's best.

Now did I mention that she owns 3 very large dogs? And that they love to stay in the house all they can? And that they sometimes have accidents? Hey, it happens to all of us. Well she asked what we used to keep odor down. You see, we have 5 dogs and they are in the house the majority of the time too!

So I let her borrow Clear the Air Pet Odor Eliminator. This is a all non-toxic product that we are currently using in our litter box. We have a new kitten and oh yuck.....the smells that come from that litter box. Earth Care Products was kind enough to send me a can of their Pet Odor Eliminator just the week before. So I was happy to share with our friends.

Now when I first opened the can I was not too thrilled by the scent. Of course I am use to those

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floral and cinnamon fragrances that we find in most carpet fresheners. This is not the same thing though. Actually this is not something that covers up scents but instead it removes the scent. I cleaned the kitty litter and then sprinkled in some of the Clear the Air Pet Odor Eliminator. Guess what.....nothing.....yeah nothing......that is right nothing......I do not smell anything at all. And it has been a week. Wait....oh no, since I did not smell anything.....I FORGOT TO CLEAN THE LITTER BOX. Hang on just a sec folks, okay....be right back!

Well, ok that lil job is done now. Oh and about my friends and the party. Well when I attended the celebration, I ate in the living room. And you know what? I did not smell the dogs either. Now where is the Pet Hair Eliminator?
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  1. Good for you. It is so hard to rid the carpet of pet anything!

    And thanks for your kind words, sister :-)


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