My Little Pony Give Away

College Girl grew up in the 80's and 90's so she was able to see videos come into the home for entertainment. And those videos change over to DVDs. And like so many others we were always happy to find her one that she just loved to watch over and over again.

Well, now I am helping watch College Girl's lil sister who is 3 years old. And just like her big sis, she has her favorite DVDs. Now there is a new one for her. We were able to introduce her to My Little Pony. Yes, the one and same that her big sister use to watch. And Emma (lil sis) loved it just as much.

This next week on October 13th My Little Pony's newest DVD released for home viewing will be the Twinkle Wish Adventure. How did we do that?
Actually we were lucky enough to be asked to review the Twinkle Wish Adventure. So this last

Fizzy and Galaxy, two unicorns from the My Lit...Image via Wikipedia

weekend we popped it into the DVD and watched not only the movie but Emma too!

It is so much fun to watch a lil one get all excited. She did as so many lil girls do. She danced around with the ponies and squealed that this was the bestest movie ever. And we had to play the extra sing-a-longs too(all 6 of the). There was also 4 activities we downloaded for her too! Now she may only be 3 years old, but try and get a child to watch a boring movie. NOPE NO CAN DO. So when it was requested at her house the next day, we were happy to let her borrow our copy. Remember, the movie Twinkle Wish Adventure does not make it to the stores til October 13, 2009.

But! Yes, there is a but! I have a Surprise!
I have scored a copy for a give away.
Do you want your very own copy of Twinkle Wish Adventure?

Then just start off by leaving me a comment here.
What do you remember as your fav childhood DVDs? Or was there one your kiddos could not live without? Would you like to introduce them to My Little Pony? And you can always do all the other comment things to get extra entries. Twitter, grab my button, become a follower, blog about the give away. Just make sure there is a comment for each thing you do and a way to contact you if you win.
I plan on drawing a winner on.....yeah, October 13th 2009.

I wonder who will win? I do know that tomorrow we will be watching My Little Pony's Twinkle Wish Adventure here with Emma again. Oh, and don't forget to enter to win. And if you do not win? Well here is a $5.00 off coupon for My Little Pony.


  1. I loved My little Pony when I was a kid. My kids love Spongebob, Dora, and all Disney movies. Thanks!



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