Can I Exchange My IRA for Gold?

Remember me telling you about my Dear Hubby and his IRA? Yeah, he had come home with

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some information and silly me did not understand what it was. Well, we have more information now in the mail. I am glad he is keeping up with this as I do not have a head for numbers. Being dyslexic does not help at all.
Well, like I was saying before I had found out that there was a
gold 401k. But I did not know how to put gold in an IRA. Of course I do not have the gold. Wouldn't that be nice to have though? Well, I agree it would be heavy to carry around. Guess that is why we came up with the currency exchange anyway. Better minds than mine a long time ago.
But how would you do a
gold IRA transfer? And what are the benefits of 401k gold? Of course I always have to go and look things up. So off to google how to put gold in my IRA . I found out that Investors are placing physical gold in IRA's. Do you think it would be helpful to have a IRA that is backed up by gold?

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