Doesn't Get Much Better

Whew! Our Saturday evening was wonderful.
With friends, family and neighbors who could ask for better people around them

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Today after DH was through with work he fired up the grill and started cooking all the meat. Steaks, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages and. . .I think there is an and there?
Nessa had organized all while I was manning the store at Mary's.
She had made pasta salad, tea and helped get all the fixings thawed and ready.
My mom did up her fantastic bean dip that seems to be her staple.
And then the people started rolling in.

College Girl came home for the weekend with her dorm roommate. Following was a couple of the guys from college too! One of our good friends in town popped on in to join in the meal and merriment. CG's Poppa, Other Mom and lil Sissy arrived for a feast. And of course we had to have Nessa's cheerful foursome to keep things going. (She is a lifesaver.) Top it off my dad was here all day. That is uncommon as can be!

Threw in a all the fixings for the hamburgers and hot dogs, chicken garden salad, pea salad, chips, fresh fruit of watermelon, grapes and plums. It was a three table feast for all.
I sure wish y'all could have joined us for all the food, great conversations and relaxing times. I know that it was a great day for me!

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  1. Mmm, we had a gathering like that yesterday too. I'm still waddling.

  2. Sounds like a Fantastic time.. Nothing better than Great Friends, Family and some good food.. Sounds like the perfect Saturday night!
    Glad you had a good time!
    Take Care

  3. Wow, party at your house. Sounds like it was a lot of fun and yummy to boot.


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