Found but Looking

Last night we found the prettiest black Pit Bull roaming our street. He was so friendly and loving. Nessa's kids helped me walk up and down the streets in our neighborhood knocking on doors. Sad to say we did not find his owner. I called a friend who does not have 1/2 a dozen dogs in her backyard like I do to see if they could help house the dog while we look for the owner. Yeah, they would.
So today when I went to pick up our one eyed kitten from the vet we advised of the found Pit Bull. We can not contact the county animal control til Monday. So hopefully we will hear something soon if not then on a lost owner. This puppy was very loving, rolling over for a belly rub and all. I hope we find where he belongs soon.

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  1. Awww, good for you for saving him from the street. And I got my package today! Wheeee thank you so very much!


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