Making the Just Right Card

These tips were provided by the Photo Affections, an online photo greeting card company. I was hoping they would help when we are working so hard to get that just right card. It seems we make more cards than we purchase in the store. Frugal thinking pays off there. But we are not the pros who think up some of those great and witty words. So hope these make things just a lil easier. Don't forget you can Win Your Personal Greeting Cards here.

How to build the perfect holiday photo greeting card

1. Use humor. It opens hearts and lets friends and relatives see the fun side of your life.
2. Bring captions into play. Keep them short and sincere.
3. Select a photo with special sentimental value. Don’t worry about the finding the photo where everyone looks “perfect.”
4. Use only 1 – 3 photos. Too many dilute the meaning of the card.
5. Juxtapose past & current photos. This highlights the growth of your family.

RSVP Etiquette

(parents should carry on the tradition and not let this courtesy fall completely by the wayside in future generations.)

1. ALWAYS RSVP to any event; and as promptly as possible.
2. Respond by deadline: the deadline is very important, not only for food and drink counts, but also for the hostess to prepare for the event.
3. If you have RSVPed for an event and, at the last minute, need to cancel—make a quick courtesy phone call to the host.
4. An invitation that is addressed specifically to your name and does not specify “and guest” means you cannot bring a guest.
5. If your children’s names are not on the envelope, you should always ask if you’d like to bring your children along. If their names are not included, it might mean children are not invited; or it might be an oversight, so you should always ask.

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Birth Announcement

  1. Select a card that shows your family’s style—unique and individual to represent you and your new baby. Selecting a photo—choose one with sentimental value that evokes a special memory.
  2. Keep it simple—a simple introduction followed by the birth details such as name, weight and birth date is ideal.
  3. Save time and money by using an Internet photo card company. Easily select a template and then insert the photo and text. Once complete, the birth announcements are delivered directly to your home.
  4. Research photo card company websites prior to the birth. Then, insert the photo and information to complete the project when baby arrives. Traditional etiquette suggests birth announcements be sent within 6 months of the birth.

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