Dear So & So . . .

Dear So and So...

Dear So and So...

I don't think it is fair that poor Alice is doomed to a life as a one eyed kitty. I hated having to take her into surgery today. I can't wait to have her back at home tomorrow. But am afraid she is going to look like some lil pirate kitty.

Dear I Don't Wanna Work . . .

Why is it that since I HAFTA WORK all day today. It is the only time I really really really wanna take a nap. Too bad, today is not my day.

Well Dear So and So . . .

I guess you are the one who dictacts what happens in the line of fate, so I will bow to your omnipresence. And as of today YOU WIN!


  1. Just stopping by to say HI and check in with you! Haven't been "bumping" into you on Twitter parties or anywhere lately. I know I have been busy.
    Take CAre

  2. Kittens are always cute. A winking or one eyed kitten will be just as wonderful.


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