Pick the Puppies Up

Ok, fair warning here. I am going to talk about boobs. Yes, those amazing mammery glands that guys stare at and women are never pleased about.

I am one of those ladies. I am not happy about my "cha-cha's". They are not perky. Never was to tell the truth. Ok, I know in my mid 40's (wait did I just use my outside voice to tell my age??) that the lil ladies have seen better days. But still I wish they would just look up once in a while. Ya' know!

Now I do not wish to have Breast Enlargement. NO! I just want them lifted. Yes I do understand that miracles do not happen in a day when it comes to exercise. And I am losing weight and firming up. But there is no way that exercise is going to make the "puppies" sit up and beg. So instead my only choices are to get surgery or just deal with it.

Well let's fantasize about the surgery part for a lil while. Hey it makes me have hope and feel good. Yeah what I want is a good uplift. Sounds like I would feel better right off the bat. I would not mind looking much youger and having something on me that was perky besides my smile. Heck with the way Mother Nature has used aging and the force of gravity against me, I may never win this battle without plastic surgery. Can you imagine the confidence booster it would give me? I am sure my Dear Hubby would be happy too (wink wink).

Of course reality is where I can not afford this. But if I could I know that I would travel all the way to the U.K. if need be for a good surgical team. Yeah, I think I would need a team. Do you think they would do a tummy tuck while I was there?

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