Fantasy or Real--It is Football Season

You have heard me talk about College Girl's Poppa. He has a serious football habit. Loves the game in every way. Sad to say I never had that "love" of a game. But since he does and CG adores making her Poppa happy then football is the way to do it.

So I get this phone call letting me know it is time for the season kickoff to start. CG then asked if her Poppa ever played Fantasy Football. Well, I see how she would get excited here since she is a big fantasy role playing fan online of different sites. CG wanted to set up an account for her Poppa at WaiverWire .

This is a brand new site that some former Wall Street guys with a passion for football built an incredible website for fantasy football players. They applied the format, tools, and techniques for analyzing stocks and applied them to NFL player and fantasy football team analysis. That is a smart way to build the site. I was quite proud that CG wanted to share this with her Poppa.

WaiverWire has everything Poppa needs to win in his fantasy league at one place, including:

  • *Fantasy football draft software
  • *Fantasy football news
  • *Fantasy football analysis
  • *Fantasy football forum
  • *Fantasy football research
  • *Access to over 100 Local NFL team news feeds
  • *Fantasy football rankings
  • *Fantasy player comparisons
  • *and much, much, more . . .

The memberships range in price from FREE to $29.99 depending on what features you might be interested in. I do know that if you want to have "real time players" then there is a $9.99 membership fee. That is really a good deal if your man is anything like CG's Poppa. He is hard core football fan. I bet he will enjoy this gift most of all for his lil Angel.


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