To Host or Not To Host

What do you know about web hosting? You see I do not know a lot about how so much of this works. Nessa tells me about how she is buying her own domain. Heck I am buying my home, what other domain do I need?
Oh, she nudge me and said I was being silly. OK, I know the domain is where her blog lives. I know that I can find places to help me with blog hosting. I still need to learn more though. Do you own your own domain?
So if your going to do your own site where do you go to learn all the ins and outs of it? I know, I know, I am a CD (computer dummy) and it is even worse now. Yeah, remember that new DELL I have for my birthday? Well now I have to learn about windows on it and on the net book. So there is Vista and XP and I am still just a MAC girl. Oh my word!
Oh and I just remembered all we have done to come up with domain names for Nessa. Like naming a new born child. How do we do that when we do not know the personality yet. Yeah, well at least you can get free domain names if you look around. Well I still have some learning to do. And as usual I am going to read up on this blog about it. We all know how much information we can find on blogs.
Well tell me about your hosting or not hosting decisions. Which? Why? What name?
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  1. Alright, here's my 2 cents:

    I run my own blog site out of a friend's web host. That is, he pays to have his own web storage and domain names, and he's given me access to run my own connected site through him.

    Really, the only advantage I have over using free hosts like or blogspot is the level of control I have. I use Wordpress for my site, and I can go in and put in whatever themes I want, customize my own themes, install my own plugins etc.

    But the thing is, I grew up absorbing this stuff. I know basic web design and networking. To me it's not that hard, but it is time consuming. If terms like MySQL Databases, CSS, FTP and the like sound frightening and overwhelming, it may not be time yet to take the plunge.

    My question is: Are you happy here? If so, why change it? If you're just looking for an easier name or address for your readers to remember, I recommend just looking into Domain Name Forwarding.

    Essentially, you pay a service for a swank web address, and all it does is forward folks to this site. I recommend looking into some cheap ones over the free ones, just because they like to plug ads and you have no control what pops up on those.



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