I received this award from Leslie from Live, Love, Laugh with Leslie. Thank you so much Leslie! Go over and check out her blog . She has tons of giveaway going on! I am still going to be hanging around your place trying to win!

So, the requirements are to:
Thank the person who gave you the award...Thanks a million Leslie!
List 7 personality traits about yourself &
Pass it on to 7 other bloggers with dynamic personalities.

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Okay, 7 of my personality traits or is that disabilities?
1.) Giving
3.) Helpful
See I started off good. Now for the rest!
4.) OCD
5.) Type A personality
7.) Stubborn

Now the 7 I am going to share this with. Well big personalities is the key. So they are:

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  1. It looks good on your blog! :)

  2. It looks like you're calling me a real live lesbian. Not that that is wrong, I'm just saying.

    Tagged. Ok, well, I'll put it on the list of other stuff I've got going on, but I'll do it.


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