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I was tagged for the 6 things meme by Decisionally Challenged

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3. Write six random and/or revealing things about yourself.
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First: I am frightened of water bugs and spiders! When I see them I scream, holler and threaten my Dear Hubby that he will never hear the end of it if that "creature" does not die. He laughs. Ok he will kill a water bug but no a spider ever. He saves the lil monsters every time. What can I do when I am perched up on top of the toilet or chair?

Second: I am a really nervous person but have learned how to cover it up really well! Most people think that I am bold and outgoing but inside I am nervous of what people think of me. I have learned to just keep this bold front up and hide those anxieties and fears.

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Third: My favorite color is PINK. But, when I was younger I always wore browns and blues. I hid with those colors. Made myself non-descript. That way I blended in to the crowd. Now I have learned to be brighter. And to enjoy all those colors that are in the rainbow. But I still love that girly pink the most of all.

Fourth: I have hammer toes. LOL Ok a lot of people do. But I do like that my shoes are at least half a size smaller because my toes curl in the way they do. Everything about me is so big I want something to be smaller. So I take those lil things where ever I can.

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Fifth: I am becoming a book reviewer. As a matter of fact you will see a review this week if not sooner. LOL I adore reading and am so happy to find I can review books now. Don't you love the idea of getting to share with others what you enjoy!

Sixth: I am an avid blog reader. I am pretty good about commenting daily on the blogs I follow. But I make sure to always read all the blogs I follow. So add me to you and I will check you out too! Just remember I have been dubbed the Comment Queen!

Hope you liked my 6 things. Now I get to tag six of y'all. Ok here it goes:

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  1. i am also a nervsous person...worry worry worry then anxiety galore lol

    You did great on your meme


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