Hungry Hungry Hippo

OK help me out here folks.

What do you eat when your hungry but on a diet?

No not the answers of carrot sticks and celery either.

I am hungry and am finding that I am hungry all the time.

Thus I keep saying, don't eat.

Dumb I know.

BUT I do.

In return I feel guilty about anything I do eat.

And so I feel I should not eat.

Thus the vicious cycle starts.

Hungry, don't eat, get hungrier, finally eat and feel bad about it, go longer before I eat again.

I do not want a salad. Tired of them.

I do not want to eat steamed veggies.

I want to eat something filling....but not feel guilty for it.

Tonight we are having a cook out and I know I will eat then.

So, I feel I am suppose to wait and not eat all day since I can eat later.

Not right. I know!

Not logical. Understand.

But, how do you change that internal dialoge?


  1. thats the time to work on eating rainbows!!! how many did you eat today? :)

  2. I eat cottage cheese with pineapple chunks and a few unsalted Ritz crackers. Does the trick for me.

  3. Greek yogart with fruit and a dusting of cinnamon.

    Ricotta cheese with lemon juice pureed with some splenda.

    ricotta cheese with dark chocolate cocoa and a little vanilla (or almond extract) and a LF graham cracker.

    Smoothie made with protein powder and LF or FF milk and frozen fruit

    But please don't wait to eat until the BBQ - not eating all day because of a "bigger" meal later on is asking for trouble.

  4. I wish i had some graet words of wisdom...i dont I eat what i want when i want and deal with the fact my assa is the size of 2 semis....

    I did tag you on my blog...i hope yyou will pick it up...

  5. Have a Apple with a Glass of Water,
    Have you tried any of those 100 calorie packs they have out of cookies and other snacks. I have found when I want something sweet those are great.
    Water, did I mention Water.. hahaha I feel like I am floating most days..
    Not losing much weight but I am feeling better.. getting butt out of chair and away from the kitchen is helping me.
    Have a Great Day!!
    I hope the BBQ was great fun
    Good Luck Take care!

  6. lots of small meals instead of no meal and a binge is better (easier said than done)

    handful of almonds,string cheese,yogurt, air popped pop corn (nothing added), apple slices and peanut butter.

    I find if I prep fruit a head of time or pre measure out "snacks" I'm more likely to eat better and less.

    Good luck.


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