Hot and Tired and No Help from Home Depot

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Yeooowowwww! It is hot here.
And now I am hotter yet!

Today I wanted to see if I could get some relief.
And no, instead I was pushed away.

I know that y'all are aware that I am disabled, my mom who lives with us is 75 and on SS and my Dear Hubby works 2 jobs to help pay his child support to two other families. Top that with helping College Girl with school cost and you know that thing here are so tight. That is why we are not using our central a/c this summer. We can not afford it at all.
Our home is almost 100 yrs old and does not have insulation. And I can not afford to side it so we do have some insulation. Well if we run the a/c then our electric bill runs $500-$600 a month. Could you imagine paying $2400 for just the summer's electric?
Well, we can't so we have been burning up here in our Central Texas heat.

Well, today I was at the point of tears. So me and my mom drove 45 minutes one way to the closest Home Depot. (We chose Home Depot because they are always doing great things for folks in need and the communities around them.) Well, by the time we arrived, my mom was exhausted and stayed at the car. (I thought we were hot enough already.) I went in to price window a/c's hoping we could afford one. They run $200-$500 each. Well I do not have enough to get one for just the living room alone so I picked up a few more things I needed. My hips and knees were really hurting from my RA and I thought I was in luck when there was a lady dressed in Pink (my fav color) at the service desk register. Yipee! I can check out and then get to mom in the hot car so we can head back home.

NOPE! The clerk (Marlyin) told me no she would not check me out. I asked if this was the

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register for disabled people? She said I would have to go to the other side of the store to the registers. Well, I know it is wrong but I was tired, hot (have been forever I think) and hurting. I said heck with it. I left my basket in the aisle and just went to the car. I told my mom no we can not get a window unit and that it was just going to be hot.

I am tired of being hot. I am tired of being ignored. And I am tired of being looked down on.
Would you feel the same way?

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  1. Lynette,

    I would try Brandsmart, if you have one in your area, the prices for A/C's are much better.....good luck.

  2. I am now raving mad just from reading your post. So much for customer service. I hope that you find some relief soon. Are there any public services in your area that may be able to help with the cost? Just a thought. Wishing you cool thoughts.

  3. Oh I can't believe a company that is supposed to have great Customer service ended up treating you that way. I think I would take a minute and set my HOt Temper on calling up the manager... Just let him know that Miss Marilyn wasn't doing her job.
    I hope you can find a way to be cool.. I can't imagine it in the Texas heat.
    Take care

  4. Lynette,

    I also wanted to say that you should make a call to the corporate office and let them know how you were treated.


  5. Yes I would feel the same way, Lynette! I am disabled too and I go through the same thing again and again. One time I went to a drive thru to order dinner. I cannot use the microphone by the menu, and it said underneath the speaker that people with hearing/speech difficulties could just drive up to the window and give order there so that is what I did. Once I got to the window the man looked at me all funny. There was noone in front of me or back of me, it was just me and he told me to go away!!! I was in college at the time, did not think about my rights...


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