Blitz the Game

This last weekend we had a neighborhood bar-b-que with all the fixings. Now if your like us you know that it is not a good weekend hang out with just food, friends and great conversation. No you have to have the game! Yeah, the game! This weekend we had the neighborhood baseball game. But it was a lil different than before. Why? Well we were also trying out the Blitz Ball. Our younger players had a blast hitting it "out of the park" while our older guys found the "tricks" were neat to learn. I am glad we had so much fun while bringing both generations together for a game. And it was challenging to both at the same time.
The Original Blitz Ball (tm) was created by Aaron Kim. And can do things that most lil ol base balls could dream of. First it is made of a light weight plastic that is ideal for player ages 8 and up so we also used a good 'ol plastic bat so we would not damage it. And if you study the way to throw this lil 'ol thing you can get fastballs, curve balls, and knuckle balls that would make any player jealous! Our younger players loved the extra home run distance while the older players it loved the speed and curving action.

You can find the Blitz Ball here for just $11.99 for 4 balls

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