NOT Time to Make the Donuts

Yes, I am awake and wanting donuts as usual.
Of course I can not go and get any.
SO, lucky me still has some Holey Donuts in the freezer.

I had the Jumbo Reduced Fat Cinnamon Buns today.
Oh my word, Yummy is not good enough for me.
Now one was filling enough and at 340 calories it was a meal.
But that sure beats the 1100 calories of a Cinnabon Cinnamon roll.
And 5 grams of fat compared to 56 grams of fat is a difference.

The other day I was fussing cause I was hungry and yet did not eat.
I know, I know, silly me!
But it was due to feeling guilty for eating if it was filling.
I equate filling with fattening in my head.
I am glad I have a good alternative in the donut department to stop that thought.

So for me it is not time to "make the donuts" but time to enjoy the donuts!

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  1. Donuts are my weakness! I often confuse fattening with filling too. Don't ya hate diets!!!


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