College Girl made it back on campus this weekend. And as it is in college she went to a party her first night on campus. The theater group was doing a get back together party with the theme being "Adam & Eve".
Well, CG wanted to make sure she had an outfit but did not want to be Eve in all her shining glory. So instead she wore a red floor length formal with black lace covering. It laces up in the back like a corset does. Then CG added some devil horns and used a long rubber snake for a belt. Yes, CG was temptation! I think that was quite inventive with what she had in her closet.

Thanks to Hip Hop Jewelry for the photo.

I wish we had gone to Hip Hop Jewelry before hand. Then we could have added these silver teeth to go with her outfit. It would have been stellar to have silver fangs. Maybe I can get them and she will be able to use them for Halloween. What do you think?

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  1. Sounds like CG is having grand times!! Fun, fun! :)
    Hope all is well over at your house. Take care!


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