Holey Cow-What a Savings!

I have to tell you that Holey Donuts is having a 'shipping' special.
This makes me happy because I can order me some more of the delicious low fat and low calorie donuts

I so love donuts but with my diet I can not just pop down to the local donut palace and get some fat filled goodness. Instead I can order my Holey Donuts and have all the goodness without the fat.

I just love their new tag line.
Donuts from Heaven without the calories from Hell!

So here is the information I received and am passing on to you.

This offer expires Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 at 12 Midnight PST, so place your order and be sure to select the special $4.99 shipping option at check out your order will still be shipped by Fedex using our usual service but we pay the difference!! You'll actually see your saving before checkout,the "ground" quote that's what you would have paid but today we added a special $4.99 price for you to select!

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