Showered with Gifts

My birthday was amazing. My best friend Jennifer (we have been friends for 36 yrs) sent me a Dell computer. WOW!

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My friend Mary, who has the B & B/antique store gave me a sting of pearls. Yeah! Amazed. I always wanted to be June Cleaver as the perfect housewife and mother.

My in-laws are passing down a 100+ yr old piece of original craftsman furniture that belonged to DH's great grandfather in California. Beautiful and I will treasure it so much. I feel honored that they are giving me a piece of family history. I know I am part of their family

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Dear Hubby took me, College Girl and her best friend Thomas out to lunch at my fav eatery in Stephenville. (Simply Deli off the square)

My mom and friend Nessa did me a great dinner of sandwiches and snack foods that I enjoy and

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then we played games. I so want the recipe for the Cucumber Lemonade that Nessa made me! And Nessa's kids showered me with stuffed animals for gifts. Nessa and Dan bought me a fishing license and Dan took me and my pink fishing pole out fishing for a bit Friday night too!

See---a wonderful birthday all around. To tell you the truth I do not know what gift I love more as each was given to me from the heart and was just want I wanted too!

Then I had so many of my bloggy friends wish me a Happy Birthday here. On Facebook I had even more well wishes! I feel so loved and honored to have so many good people in my life. I know this is how one measures richness. In the friends and great people in their lives. THANK YOU!

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  1. I am glad you had such a wonderful birthday!

  2. I lived in Stephenville, TX from birth to age 4 & half. Parents favorite diner was Jake & Dorthy's.

  3. Sounds like great! I love antiques too :) Especially family heirloom ones.

  4. Happy birthday!!!! So sorry I missed it. It has been a long week.

    Thank you for the award!!!

  5. Awesome. Sounds like you are definitely well loved!! It's great to have such awesome family and friends!! :)

    Sorry I'm late..but happy happy birthday to you! :)


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