First Day of College

Well the first day of college is coming up soon. And it does not matter if you 6 or 22 you still want to look your best when you show up that day. So of course we are shopping for "school" clothes. Now it is a lil different than when College Girl was young. First we are not in the metroplex anymore. And it is harder to find that just right look here in small town Texas. So you know to the web we go. (What did we do before the www?)
First we found a hot hot hot pair of heels to trip around on. Yes, walk not fall!
They only have a 4" heel but with CG being 5'7" that will make here 5'11" and a sight to see. She has killer gams (legs to you young folk) with all the walking she does. And this summer whe actually wore shorts all summer so her legs are a beautiful golden color. This is the shoes she fell in love with on first sight. Look for free shipping here!

I Like:

Diva by MIA at Zappos.comDiva
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Next we have to have a dress. CG loves to wear black so we looked at those dresses exclusively. She has a great shape so A-line dresses always look really good on her. And all the curves that can be hugged will be. I do not know how she does it but CG has the flatest stomach I have ever seen. Lucky I guess! Well what do you think of this dress? Oh and we found free overnight shipping with the dresses here!

Now last but never least is the fun funky purse to pull the outfit together. CG found this one to her liking. Especially loved the great retro print on it. I am sure there will be plenty of space in this bag for all of the things CG carries around in her purse. I won't even go there myself....scary place. But honest, I think this purse will be a great conversation starter!
And again, that free shipping is an option!

So what do you think of her first day of "school" outfit? I think she will be killer. Of course she is CG, so that always makes her killer to me!


  1. Fab shoes!

    Thanks for commenting on my post at Kingdom First Mom! I appreciate it.

    Hopefully, we will get to meet-up again soon!

  2. Ski jacket is warm and comfortable for wear in winter season. Smart guys are also love this comfortable outfits.


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