Peace of Mine with Home Security

I told you before that I worked for a home security firm before. And that it was great to be able to help people in a time of need. Well one of the things that really helped out was the signs that you get when you have a security system. Yes those alarms work! But having an ADT security sign on your window or by your front door is a great deterrent for would be thieves too! Yes they pay attention to those signs.

You see when someone is looking to break in they do not want to be caught! And knowing that a home is hooked up to a security system means that their chances of getting away scott free and not too good. So it is always best that they just move on. Actually I have heard that if too many security signs are in a neighborhood then they will just try another area all together.

Now do not be silly enough to think you can have a alarm system and signs that you do not have lock up your doors and windows. Be sure that you also join those neighborhood watch programs too. They are there for your safety as well as your neighbors. Teach your children to watch for strangers and make sure you take note of who is up and down your street as well. Security alarms are great for the job they do but they do not replace us being aware of our surroundings.

Just one previous city girl to y'all, it does not matter where you live we all must watch each other. It takes a village to raise a child and that same village cares for each other too!


  1. omgosh Lynette i have been tryin to comment for what seems like forever I could not get your comment box to show up...and i had all this funy witty stuff to say and now I have forgot it all!!!

    Great advice in this post!

  2. I dare someone to break into this chaotic mess of a crazee house. I doubt they'd make it past the entry way without breaking their neck. :)
    and of course I'm not "unfollowing" you, you crazee :)

  3. If they could break in while we're not here and steal my computer and tv then I could get new ones. Well, they'd have to agree to leave my back up drive.


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