Life is a Circus

We had such a great time at Ringling Brothers Circus last night.

Ringling Brothers circus poster - Image via Wikipedia

I loved getting to go and enjoy my very first "Greatest Show on Earth"!
And it was well worth the wait.

Again I want to thank Nessa for including me and College Girl into her family outing.
That was very nice of her to ask her poor neighbor to join in!

And Dan again---you did a great job with all the driving of us women folks and kids. I appreciate that!

Elephants from Ringling Bros. Circus, trains a...Image via Wikipedia

I will not forget the lovely kids either, Tristen and Ashley both minded very well. This was an enjoyable trip. I was glad to be part of your family last night.

Now--the acts were beautiful. Oh how I loved seeing the Elephants. And the Tigers were so majestic too! Even the lil doggies were fun. Oh and don't forget the horse acts. All the animals were well groomed, looked well fed and behaved so tame. I had fun laughing at the clowns and gasping at the ariel acts. Wow what courage some people have!

But, yes there is a but...
PETA you do not have the right to scare small children into crying by using your bullhorn when you are not 4 ft away from those children. You was not asked by these parents to "teach" anything to their children. And you did not impress us with horrid stories of unkind acts when we saw how beautiful and well cared for all the animals were. PETA you only showed that your bullying tactics did not work last night. Yes you have your rights, but so did we. Sad we had to move and take our children elsewhere so they could quit crying from all your hollering in their ears with bullhorns. BAD FORM!

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