Wanting to Look Beautiful

I am sitting here this afternoon with a gapping hole in my mouth.
Of course, I am sore as can be.
I expected that. But it took 6-8 shots to numb my mouth before hand.

So now I need to take my mind off of the pain.
Guess I can go online shopping.
It is free and I don't have to even dress for the stores.

I love dresses. It is what I prefer to wear at home the most. And now I my wardrobe is shrinking in that department. No I am not losing weight. Just wearing out the dresses I do have to wear. And with it coming up to summer I really would love to have some more at a price I can afford.

So what do you thing about this one?

Thanks to www.simplybe.co.uk for the picture.

I love the straps for being cool and the length as a great dress around here. The black top takes the view up and away from my ample tummy. And the large print at the top of my abdomen is also very eye catching. It seems to fit my likes very well.
Do you want to know the cost?????
Well simplybe is a company that sells Large Ladies Clothing in Cananda.
And this lil number is $14.00 of the currency there and comes to $11.64 in US dollars.
What a FANTASTIC deal.
Don't you agree?

I really am looking into a way to buy some clothes from them. Checking into the shipping cost and the such. I have to say that I find it very hard to find pretty clothes for us BBW. But it seems that simplybe has found out how to do it.
Thank you for that!

Ok, ladies, let's go shopping!


  1. i like dresses too and now i have a bit of pin money because i finally got the check for the book that came out in spain last sept... i will be able to join you!!!!! i like the vermont country store...so sorry to hear you are in pain and i hope you feel better soon...xox.... annie :)

  2. Ouch to the dentist...definitely on my top ten "don't wanna do's" ...... but hopefully it will be better since you got the tooth pulled.
    I checked out the online store...cute cute stuff, thanks for sharing!

  3. Great dress! I love dresses myself and you are right, it's hard to find cute stuff for us larger gals.

    Hope the mouth feels better soon!


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