Another Day, Another List

Well I am back to racing thoughts.
No not the Indy 500 kind.
Just not able to turn my brain off.
Wish there was a switch for that!
Thanks to Getty Images

Just hate it when every thing starts becoming lists again.
I think of lists of things to clean,
things to do,
in what order to do things,
watching that I do not have list of list.

I know Serenity will understand what I am saying.
Home is not in bad shape.
Have some things to get done.
Sorta like that--if it is confusing to you then think of how my head is feeling.
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Today I am going to Curves to work out.
Have missed over a week there.
Then I am going to clean Mary's Bed and Bath.
Hope to catch lunch with my hubby after that.
I will come home and switch some laundry.
Then I plan on working on my bedroom to get it back in shape.
Left overs for dinner solves that issue.

What is your day like today?
Do you have list?
Or are you a fly by the seat of your pants type person?

P.S. Tomorrow morning I have a tooth to be pulled so may be here really late.


  1. Lists of lists? That may be taking things a tad too far. I do understand though that life can get overwhelming. Would it help at all if you layed off the lists since they seem to be stressing you out? Could you just do what needed to be done without having to be super organized about it? Just thinking maybe that would help a bit.

    I am pretty much a fly by the seat of my pants type of gal. I try not to let the house get to me. If it's clean, yet lived in, I'm happy.

    Hope you get all your tasks done. Good luck with your tooth!

  2. I am all about the lists so I know exactly how you feel! If I didn't have my lists I would be really lost (not that I am found right now by any means haha...I hope you have a wonderful night!

  3. Love your lists! Hope the dentist visit goes well.

  4. I keep coming back to this picture of the guy with the light switch on the back of his head. Does he actually have GOOSEBUMPS on his head?!


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