Just Another Manic Monday

Back to being me again! At least that is how I am finally beginning to feel. This has been one very full week. WHEW! So where to begin. Again.

Do you feel like that when you have been away from your home? Especially if everyone else was still at home. I walked into laundry, dishes, messy rooms and the such. Felt like I was suppose to put on apron and just get to work. But was too tired to do it. Friday evening was just more of collapse and catch up. Saturday we all worked on the yard and house. Cleaning, planting, still laying flooring. Have to clean, clean, clean this week before the Crazee Scotts arrive. Yesterday I took CG back to school. We picked up her poppa and lil sissy for the trip. Finally made it back home and took a good restful nap. DH came in from work. Said we needed take out, so Sonic provided dinner. I did manage to finally get the dishes done.

Now this morning we have much awaited rain coming down. We need it and welcome the water. I know that if it rains good then I hope to get in the garden we share with Nessa and pull weeds. Besides that I plan on moving my hunker of a desk so I can finish off the floor tiles there. If so the living room will finally be done. I also have to get back to Curves and exercise. Easy to get out of that habit.

I just feel like I need to be back in "mom" role of caring for hearth and home. And still feel like I am in some jello moving time warp at the same time. BTW, I am hoping to see pics at Nessa's site. She had a Werther's Chocolate Party this weekend. YUMMY!


  1. After all that chocolate, maybe we should all go do double workouts at Curves, lol.

    My dear friend, you need to seriously calm down. The house did not fall apart in your absence. Things most likely did not get done the way you would have done them, but no major chaos ensued. You have really high standards, so I'm sure things seem completely awful to you, but your house did quite well while you were away.

    Reading your post made me think of how you are always telling me to calm down and how it's not the end of the world. Take a deep breath. Remember what you are always telling me. Do not get all worked up about it! :-)

    I love ya! I'll get party pics up at some point today.

    Happy Monday!

  2. I have never heard of a werther's chocolate party... but you had my attention at chocolate. How cool!

    Don't clean on account of the Crazee Scotts-- (Maeci & Hannah are pretty good cinderellas, we can always put them to work when we get there...) I am kidding...no I'm not. :) Things don't have to be perfect on our account--we're crazee, remember?

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