On my Front Porch Once Again

Hello all, I am home again. And ever so glad. This last week has been the most stressful I have had for some time. It was good to see my friend the Latin Lady. But I have had to do things that most people do not do it a normal course of a day. The circumstances are a bit odd in her relationship that has just tragically ended. Her boyfriend had estranged himself from most people including his own child. So this week I have had to find and contact an old friend of his and advise that she was the executrix of his estate and he was at deaths door. This is after a 2 year gap since she had heard from him. I also had to FIND and contact his daughter. Let her know from a complete stranger who hardly knew her father that he has been ill for some time now, has been in the hospital and is at deaths door while leaving the message on an answering machine. Not the way you do things. By the time she returned my call he had passed. So then I was telling her of that. And that she had to make two quick decisions. One did she wish to donate his body to science as he wished and if so please call the medical center ASAP as she is the only relative. And two, that his apartment will need to be vacated in one week and she is the one to inherit his estate. I felt so sorry for this woman. She did not ever get to make peace with her father. Never did get to say good bye and she had strangers advising her of a tragic time in her life. Horrid events.

Also this week I had cleaned my Latin Lady's home for her. She is a very ADD lady while I am so OCD in return. We had a meal with a neighbor who became very drunk and argumentative. All the other guest left and I was stuck cleaning up while trying to keep the peace with someone I did not even know so that no repercussions would come to my friend. My vehicle died and my DH drove 200 miles one way to come and fix it. He is such a wonderful man. The lady who was the executrix of the estate accidentally took my car keys and I had to find her again and retrieve them. Oh it was just really unreal. I was so stressed that by Thursday all I could do was keep my self from throwing up all day. Finally on Friday all was settled so it could be handled by the ones now in charge. My friend handles death quite well. She is amazing on the uptake. So I felt safe to leave her to her own resources and return home.

I was racing down the highway to get back to my family and friends here. I thank Nessa for helping keep all afloat here too. My mom helped with the house and meals. She planted lots of herbs for me too. How loving. My DH worked his lil self to pieces so he deserved all the loving he got last night. My CG let me pick her up on the way home and bring her here for the weekend. And I even found home made peach ice cream being sold on the side of the highway too.

Thank you dear followers, fans, stalkers and friends for hanging in there. And life will return to normal soon. Wait wait, is there a normal?


  1. welcome back. That does sounds like some crazeeness. "Normal" is a relative concept!

  2. Welcome home, Lynette!!! I'm sorry that you had to go through all that, that was strange indeed. Good to have you back though.

  3. sounds like you might need some rest. What a great friend you are to go and help handle all that business. I'm sure that your Latin Lady friend is very grateful.

  4. Hey Lynette!

    I have an award for you on my blog :)


    Have a great day :)


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