Weekend Plans

Well CG is home for Spring Break. I am so glad. She makes me the happiest mom ever. I am looking forward to our all girls slumber party Saturday night. Also that my granddaughter will be here this next week also.

CG is going to go with her dad and "almost" mom to look at cars. They have plans on checking out an Audi Q7 first. This is the one that almost mom likes the best. CG's dad is really interested in a GMC Sierra and I know he has always wanted a truck. If he finds one he can afford I know he is going to be pushing for it!

CG would like to steer them toward a Honda Hybrid. She is all about being "green." I know that she is really worried about the effects on the economy and the environment. And she is trying to find a balance of both. I myself say go for the Nissan Altima. I have always thought that Nissans were good cars for the money.

I wish them luck in finding just the right car. And of course CG will love all the test driving. She says test driving is awesome. As long as it is an automatic! What type of car would you pick out if you could? And is color a deciding factor in what you purchase? CG wants dark blue or a dark green.

Otherwise we are looking to start baking some goodies for the party. The one we are going to try first is a Brookie. It is a favorite of CG's and came from her theater department bake sales. It is a combination of brownies and cookies all in one.


  1. i love my subaru and i will gladly get another when this one's time comes for it to be handed down to my youngest daughter! and i never sweat what color car to get... i always tell the salesman to "surprise me!" you should see how surprised the salesmen all look when i say THAT!!! happy weekend!

  2. I love it when my college-senior daughter comes home -- hope y'all have a great time.

  3. Brookies sound yummy. Wish I had one right now. As crazee as I am, I like cars that are white, tan, black or if I'm feeling fiesty blue. Which is what I drive now, a Blue Jeep Liberty...it's a fun little car. We call her little blue bessie. :-) Glad you're going to have a fun week with the girls

  4. 1967 red corvette convertable is my dream car. Money, snow, and kids prevent this fantasy. I drive a toyota highlander. This is mt third toyota and they are really great cars. And, I hate to admit it but I prefer my cars to be red. The last two weren't - I couldn't make a financial deal on a red one. My newest one is salsa red and I couldn't be happier. I would prefer a stick shift but they don't come in anything big enough to haul around 5 adult size people. Good luck to CG on her search and test drive.


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