Curves Special

Well since y'all know I am going to Curves and for FREE. I am part of the Silver Sneakers program of my insurance company. If you are on Medicare then you may also get to go for FREE.

I thought I would add another way to save money, help out and get you exercising too.

Nationwide for the month of March Curves is waiving their start up fee if you bring in a bag of groceries. It will be donated to a local food bank. That is like a $75 savings. Also if you have your monthly fee taken from you bank account automatically then you save another $10 a month. (That is $195 savings for the first year.) Break it down and it is less than the cost of a soda a day to go and exercise with a bunch of really crazy ladies.

Benefits I enjoy are:

No Mirrors
No Men
All Positive Praise for being there
Totally Accepted as I AM

So if your ready for a change, itching to get out and move as Spring sets in and want to help a local food bank the head on over to Curves.


  1. that sounds like a great idea!!! the curves around here closed.... not sure why. or maybe they just moved locations and i haven't found them yet? and THANKS again for that WONDERFUL box of goodies - some are right for just now and some will be right in a bit - but i KNOW both baby jake and i will have many hours of fun ahead!!!! thank you again SO much!!!! xoxoxox..... annie

  2. I enjoyed Curves when I went a couple of years ago. I may join again after tax season. Thanks for reminding me!


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