I Confess!

I am a KILLER.
Yeah I know we are not suppose to tell people.
That is how you get caught.

I have to confess. I can not grow plants very well at all.
Once I did.
An Ivy. It was beautiful. Hanging outside enjoying the sunshine. Having cooling drinks of water. The was not any garden insects to bother it. A very happy plant.

Until I became very very angry.
Now being a logical woman I knew I could not destroy the things in my house. And throwing a fit does not get you anywhere. So I decided revenge was the key.

I planned on a systematic death for the beautiful innocent ivy.
I was going to starve it to death.
Keep it from water and watch it shrivel up and die.

I relished knowing that I was killing this ivy!
(I know I was demented)

But it was not dying!
As a matter of fact it was flourishing.

I did not understand this.

Finally I was in a rage and started yelling that the plant is not dying.
And my husband was laughing at me hysterically.
Like I had lost my mind.
(I had)

Come to find out he had been caring for the plant.
He had found organic pest control info.
So daily he had been watering and feeding the ivy.

So he is the plant savior,
and I am a failed plant killer.

I confess!


  1. yikes! Remind me to keep you away from my garden ;0) I am not that good to plants either!

  2. geesh no wonder the potted ivy on my desk suddenly shrivelled up and turned brown!!!! LOLOL

  3. I deserve to go to the plant penitentiary with you :-)

  4. You crack me up!

    Okay, this has nothing to do with this post at all, but go here and check this out!


    Maybe Marge should start making these?


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