Super Models

Here is my DH in his super model debut! You did not know that we lead a secret life as Etsy models. Yeah! My DH is wearing one of Grandma's latest creations. Doesn't he look adorable in his red and white chefs hat and apron. He so loves to cook out. Well he has to ask Grandma to make another for him because this one is for sale on Grandma's Homemade Corner.

Well I am not going to be out done. So I had to model the fun hippo set. I know I am brave! But what is life if not to have fun. And actually I really love the hippo set. Too bad it is not mine either. Go and get it yourself.


  1. you're great supermodels!!! so cute!!!!

  2. Well, now...don't you two look adorable.:-)


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