Spring Break

I have a friend who is a Latin teacher. She gets to have spring break, summer vacation and of course Christmas break. I am so envious. Us every day folk have to just live life without all the breaks.

Well she really enjoys camping. You know the sierra club and all that. Ok she is a granola freak but she makes killer granola! This year she has asked me to join her for her spring break. She asked me what I thought of Gettysburg camping? I asked her if she meant RV camping in Gettysburg? I mean it is cold up there still. Right? I would think PA RV camping would be the only way to go til summer. Yes, I am a wimp about cold weather.

We went back and forth til I was able to bring her around to my way of thinking. Persuasive! So instead of a long trip and colder weather we are opting for friends and warmth here in Texas. So in two weeks I will be around San Antonio listening to Native American Flutes being played in the caves of Boerne. Anyone want to join us? Donna! How about you, we will be staying at Jennifer's place. See I don't even have to camp!

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