Strong Women Series

I have done 4 post in the last week about some very strong women. I would like to feature them all together today. Why? Well I feel they help incorporate the many facets of the women we all are. How? I will connect the dots.

First I want to highlight Nessa. Her post was called "Just My Opinon on Nessa". She is the mom in so many of us. Caring for hearth and home with the little reserves that come her way. As so many of the moms before us have done. Quietly and with a strong will these moms (Nessa included) have toiled to make a nest for us to grow up in. Where we remember the times of nestling in our mommies laps, the comfort of being tucked in and the reassurance that they will always be there. This is very hard work that so many women do daily with little thanks. I want to tell Nessa, my own mom, you, others and even myself--Thank you for caring for all of us!

Second we see Soojung Cho with "
Quiet Art". Here is the beauty and grace that women hold. This that we do by nature and can quicken a man's heart and loins so easily. Soojung conveys that same tranquil quality in her art work. When viewed nature takes us and transports the image into a feeling that can touch our very core. Every woman has this same ability in the arch of her back, the line down her leg or the wisps of hair escaping her carefully done up hair. And while we so often do not notice this in ourselves, others will. Then for that quiet moment they stop and take it in with appreciation. Thank you Soojung for allowing your talent to be shared that we all may have those moments of appreciation for the subtle things.

Next there is the independent woman who conquers the world. In "
Quite a Lady" Laura Diaz displays the strength that ladies everywhere draw upon. Laura takes the bull by the horns and goes out to achieve greatness in her life. Should we all take this same trip. Well we do. But in other venues. Rhea of Texas Word Tangle makes light of the quirkiness within each of us. Do we have aliens living with us or are they just our children? Juls herding up "Every Day is a Crazee Day" has pointed out that a successful marriage has more to do with working toward a common goal then just Prince Charming sweeping us off our feet. (Big Daddy we do know your the Prince!) And those amazing ladies, Heather and Tiffany, from SITS shows us every day that we all can make great things happen when we pull together.

Now last, and for a purpose, there is Annie Kelleher of Writers, Witches and Words...Oh My! with "Two Thumbs Up for Silver's Lure". Why last. Well it not due to age for sure even though she claims the title of Grannie Annie. No Annie shares with all of us our spirit. That indestructible thread of love, guidance and purpose that weaves our lives. Annie my own very personal thanks to you. You have made changes in my life by sharing yours. Ladies also hold tight to your own gifts within for a little while. Enough to get the joy out of them too! Then let your spirit fly, spreading your wings, gliding on the wind and DANCING in every twirling circles among those around you.

So I know this has been long. But we are all strong women. We are the moms, artist, independent women and free spirits that make up this community. And there lies the beauty that is share. I wish you a wonderful weekend. Open your doors and let Spring in. Open your hearts and let love flow. And most of all, know that the Awards of life are yours to keep.


  1. Lynette, you're just too awesome for words!s And sure Big Daddy is prince charming... Or atleast I tell myself that every day..hee hee... :) s No, really he is awesome, and marriage is a partnership.s Thank you for sharing all of these strong women.. I'm definitely going to check out their blogs!!s You're pretty darn strong yourself, and special to boot.s Thanks for always having something nice and/or hilarious to say when you comment on my blog.s You really do make me smile everytime I read what you've left!

  2. Thanks for sharing and putting this all together.s We are nothing without great women around us.s Nessa reminds me of the Goddess Hestia.

  3. Juls thank you so much for the support and making me fell worthwhile!


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