Quiet Art

Thanks to Soojung Cho for her artwork at http://www.soojungcho.com

I recently recieved an email from a dedicated artist. Soojung Cho sent me a link to her web site. And there I was entranced by the simplicity of her art work. I was able to experience a quiet beauty there that I have not seen often.

Soojung Cho has a saying of 'Life Is Gift, Art Your Best'. I can imagine that she is sharing a secret that many of us have forgotten. In today's rat race of a world we tend to loose track of the gift each day is. How wonderous it can be to look at a ladybug traveling a leaf and see that path was life. When I had the pleasure of seeing Soojung's art work, I saw her gift in life.

"Love of Moonbeam" by Soojung Cho at http://www.soojungcho.com

I offer you a chance to go and visit her site. Pick your favorites pieces. "Love of Moonbean" is mine. Tell Soojung Cho how you see her gift. She has a place to leave her messages. I hope you too enjoy the quiet beauty she shares.

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