Importing Aid

I want to hire these Louisiana divorce attorneys to help my friend here in Texas. Do you think I can get them to travel here????

My friend has been going through all kinds of hell since Nov. '08 trying to get a divorce and custody of her 4 children. She has had to hire 2 different lawyers and still things are no closer to being settled. I like the web site for these Louisiana divorce attorneys because they offer real information to help.

The have a free booklet called Divorce Done Right . You can call Mary and ask her to send you a copy at (866) 376-7930. And they have a good section on their web site of information to know Before You Hire an Attorney. I have been learning a lot here that would have helped my friend greatly.

Do you think I can convince them to come to Texas and be her legal eagles?


  1. alas, only if they're licensed to practice law in texas... i truly feel for your friend sincesi went through something similiar - only my ex WAS a lawyer... you can imagine how awful that was...

  2. annie kelleher3/26/09, 9:17 PM

    aaackk... that last comment was mine...

  3. Look's like u guys had a great time! I would love to know what you feasted on!


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