My Rocks

These two ladies are my rock. They have been beside me for over 30 years. These women are the ones that I can call to scream, laugh, cry or just share with. We are all food junkies too. Good food junkies!

We all use to live in Dallas Texas area. These last few years have tossed us around and now we are all over Texas. So instead of once a month feast (yes feast!) we get together only twice a year. The in between times feel like famine.

I just wanted to share my bestest of friends with you. Aren't they a scream!

BTW-- the lil lady in the middle is the most sensible one!


  1. YOu are blessed to have such fun friends, Lynette!

  2. How cool! I'm sure you gals have a blast together!

  3. Lemonade award for you on my blog

  4. Real Live Lesbian3/27/09, 10:38 AM

    What fun pics!!!!

  5. I just love Julie! She is a dream! You are blessed to have such great friends!

  6. Best friends are such a blessing. Enjoy the feast.

  7. What great friends! I'd like to be at that feast.


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