And The Winner Is..........ME!

I am so lucky to be picked by Juls of the CRAZEE Scotts for the Lemonade Award. Now she did not make it clear as to why you win this award. Is if for great sales (attitude)? A sunny outlook on life (the yellow of the lemonade)? Or just cause I can be a sour puss? LOL I do know if came by way of her site that is filled with humor and a touch of CRAZEEness. So this must be because of that shared weird way we think. AKA Blogger Unite!

The Friendship Award was wrapped up with ribbons and bows into the loveliest package. Sweet Granny Annie from Writers, Witches and Words...Oh My! I have to say she became a fast friend here in blogland. And I feel blessed to have her in my life. She shares fantastic advice any time I ask. Then she is always there to listen too. Thanks Annie!

Now is my turn to share. There are all kinds of rules (as with everything in life). I am to pick others to share these awards with. And they pass it on too. And again, again, again......before you know it we all have these awards. I like to bend the rules, rebel that I am. So I now present these to awards to all of my readers. (See list to left of blog.) I could not have this blog with out all of y'all. So FRIENDSHIP AWARD to all. I also feel that we all reach in and put ourselves out there for others to see. We each have a "lemonade stand" that is open 24 hours a day. The LEMONADE STAND AWARD is for each of y'all to share and enjoy.

Thanks Juls and Annie!

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