In celebration of 100 posts, Juls over at Everyday is a Crazee Day, wants to see just how crazee I am. This is what makes me crazee. Are you crazee too?? Well head on over to Everyday is a Crazee Day, and play along.

1. I must have things organized. Closets are arranged by type of item, (pj's, short sleeve tops to go with shorts, short sleeve tops along w/pants, long sleeve tops along w/pants, house dresses, dresses, sweaters, jackets, coats) and they have to be arranged in color in each section. It is like a continuous rainbow. I also have my kitchen cabinets in order by type of food (can veggies, can meat, can fruit, condiments, baking, pasta/rice/beans, drinks, dry goods) and they are also stacked in order with all labels facing front. Same with spices too! I did finally take off the labels on the cabinets. I won't let my plastic dishes be in the same cabinet as my glass dishes. This goes on and on throughout my house. DOES THIS MAKE ME CRAZEE?

2. OK, OCD abounds. I will not let the store bag my groceries. I do not want them to touch my food. (I would prefer self checkout.) But they will put foods together that I do not want to share a bag. And use many more bags than I will. I also stack the dishes when we are through eating at restaurants. DOES THIS MAKE ME CRAZEE?

3. I hate it when someone calls for the plumber that I do an answering service for and will not leave a message. If it is a sale call and they say they will call back later, I inform them that this # always is answered by the service so would they like to leave a message. They almost 99% of the time say, I will call back later....and they do! Just to get me again and again and again. Til they finally get mad because they only reach me. THIS DOES MAKE ME CRAZEE!

4. I can not stand it nor will I eat it if my food touches! Also I eat all of one food before I will eat another. Meats are last! And I have to have a spoon to eat 80% of all food. I eat in clock order starting at the top and working my way around. DOES THIS MAKE ME CRAZEE?

Well I think this is enough to qualify me as one of the CRAZEE'S over at the Everyday is a Crazee Day. What do you think?


  1. You need a divided plate!

  2. Next time you food porn me like THAT....
    I'm coming over WITH my spoon! ;)

  3. I grew up with a divided plate that only I used.

  4. OMGs I go and get the drinks too if they don't show up!

  5. _COME ON DOWN!_

  6. Want to hear something crazee? I have stopped by and commented on this 3 times now....and it hasn't shown up yet.. well, maybe the 3rd time's a charm. We'll previous posts said something like:
    LOL lynette, I suspected that your mind was crazed....but now I'm convinced... Thank you for playing along!

  7. ...and porn and a spoon...sounds crazee to me.... There's gotta be a story there


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