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Yes I confess! I am a Frugal Hacker. We all have to be these days. Need ways to save money, time and this lovely green earth. I think part of being frugal is also being green. And here is a web site that not only has post on ways to save money. But now has a Forum too! Yes a way for you to share with others your own tips and ideas.

Better yet! (You know by now I am going to let you in on a great program) You have a chance to win $125.00 CASH. Yes! Honest you do. I already have a good chance of winning $100.00 myself. So does Nessa. So we have to let you know how to get yours also.

So straight from Fugal Hacks site is this:

The new Frugal Forum is up and running, and ready for you to jump in. You can get to it by clicking on the Forum tab at the top of the (their) page. I would love to hear from you over there, and to make it more fun, I'm going to have a drawing for a fabulous prize of $100 cash!

I will draw among the first 50 people who post at least 25 entries on the forum. There are just a few commonsense rules.


  1. You must register to post or start a new topic. Anyone can read, but you must be logged in to post. It's easy. This prevents spam, and it allows me to see how many times you've entered.
  2. Your entries must have some substance. They don't all have to be brilliant and innovative, but they must have some meaning and be related to frugal living. You can't just say, "Me too," or "Good point" twenty-five times.
  3. You must have 25 published entries. I reserve the right to delete any post or topic at any time. If you know me, I use this right very sparingly. I'm really just covering the bases here.
  4. The final decision is mine. If several people cross the 25-entries line at the same time, I might end up with 53 people in the drawing instead of just the first 50. If less than 50 people qualify, the drawing will be cancelled. You have to promise not to complain, mkay?

So get hoppin'! Go register (it's easy) and start gabbing. Share your wisdom, or pose your question. Let's help each other learn how to live on less!


Just post on your blog about the Frugal Forum and the $100 giveaway. Link to this post and the forum, and leave a comment here to let me know. I'll draw for the winner of this giveaway when I draw for the $100 winner.

You see 50 people can win $100.00
Continuing on from Frugal Hacks page:

The new forum seems to be a big hit! I can't believe the response so far. Between 2:30 and midnight, there were over 3,000 page views! Are you all really excited about sharing ideas, or is it just the promise of cold hard cash? Either way, I'm excited!

Just one quick request: If you are starting a new topic, please search to be sure your subject is new to the forum. Commenting on an existing thread is much more fun for everyone!

These users have already qualified for the $100 drawing by posting at least 25 times to the new Frugal Forum:

  1. lynette355
  2. DeputyHeadmistress
  3. frugaltxmama

There are still 47 spots left to qualify for the $100 drawing, not to mention the $25 drawing for blogging about the forum. See this post for details on both. are you doing? Stats are now at the bottom of the forum.

Yes 47 more people can win $100.
So you have an awesome chance to win too.

Please come join us over at Frugal Hacks Forum and share your ideas and tips! Oh and don't forget the CASH


  1. oh dear i am many things but frugal isn't really one of them. i do like a good sale though... i got my king size quilt for 25$ because the package was open... it was a 450$ laura ashley quilt, too!!

  2. I just have too many people to read to post 25 times in a given period. Good Luck - I hope you win!


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