No More Blurring the Lines

I saw this in Yahoo News.

Motorists convicted of driving drunk will have to install breath-monitoring gadgets in their cars under new laws taking effect in six states this week.

The ignition interlocks prevent engines from starting until drivers blow into the alcohol detectors to prove they're sober.

Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, Nebraska and Washington state began Jan. 1 requiring the devices for all motorists convicted of first-time drunken driving. South Carolina began requiring them for repeat offenders.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been conducting a nationwide campaign to mandate ignition locks for anyone convicted of drunken driving, claiming doing so would save thousands of lives. But critics say interlocks could lead to measures that restrict alcohol policies too much.

Then I found this online.

I think these are the "critics" that they are talking about.
Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorneys | California Drunk Driving Lawyers

Former Los Angeles Prosecutors with over 50 years defense experience provide aggressive representation in Southern California criminal courts. Here is a lawyer in Los Angeles that work on defending people who drink and drive. I understand protecting the innocent. But are you innocent if you knowingly drink and drive? Not by any definition of the law that I know of. I am sure they take other cases than drunk driving. Oh I hope so.


  1. I don't know what to say. I am totally behind improved measures to keep drunk drivers off the roads.

  2. oooh we know someone whose about to go to jail for a loooonng time for driving drunk. at least i hope she will before she kills someone.

  3. In PA we have the breathalizer thing for repeat offenders ~ unfortunately, it's possible to have someone breathe into it FOR you that hasn't been drinking ! Think they need to figure out a better way ! One of my best friends was killed by a drunk driver several years ago ~ she was pregnant at the time & had her young son in the car with her as well (the young son was fine)~ turns out that the drunk driver had SEVERAL (like 6) drunk driving charges (how is it possible that he still had a drivers license???).

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