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Oh my! Oh me! Oh Mary!

Yesterday was heavenly. I had so much bloggy love from everyone. Thank You! I wish I could just hug each and every one of y'all. Thank you SITS for choosing lil ol' me too!

Being a featured blogger is like being "Queen for the Day". And befitting any Queen you must have a royal setting. Along with that thought I felt I was on cloud 9. So my mind drifts over to sleeping in a bed fit for a Queen that feels like a Cloud. (You with me on that one?)

Isn't this a beauty?

You see DH had both of his jobs yesterday and 2 different meetings last night. By the time he got in I was sound asleep. (Answering all the comments tires out even royalty.) Now I am as well loved here too. So all 5 dogs and at least 1 cat had to crawl into bed with me. When I say 5 dogs I am talking about 2 Chihuahuas, 1 Mixed breed puppy, 1 Labrador/Chow mix and 1 Labrador. They take up a lot of space. Poor DH could not bring himself to make them move to the cold floor so he slept on the couch.

We could use a much bigger bed. And of course it would have to be a bed for a Queen that feels like a Cloud. (See how much y'all spoiled me yesterday?) So I went surfing for one and found just the right thing. Honest I did! See for yourself.

This is the one I think I want!

Isn't these just the most divan beds? I know that we would sleep better on one of these than the ol' lumpy mattress we have now. Of course the new bed would have to meet with the approval of our royal pets. Since CG moved to the dorms we have her 2 dogs in our room all the time. Since they are now doing "sleep overs" my Mom's 2 dogs think they have to join in. I need to get back to just DH, me and my lil princess doggie in the bed.

Plus don't you think one of these beds would look so much better in my over 90 year old country house? I do! Besides fitting DH back into the bed with me--WOOT!

*note: You can find lots and lots more of these beauties here! You did not think I would keep this all to myself did you?


  1. those are both beeyooteefull beds and well suited to the queen you ARE, your majesty!!! how cool was yesterday!!!! congrats again!!!!!

  2. Newbie blogger here! Found you via SITS and so very happy I did! Congrats on being Queen! Will be back for more! You are far from frumpy, my are fabulous!


  3. Congrats again.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the second bed - I'd have this in a new york minute if I could - unfortunately it just wouldn't work in my house. Maybe the next one??? I've only been in this house for almost 28 years .....

  4. nice bed :) we have a four poster california king bed. hubs is 6'5" and INSISTS on that size. no dogs in the bed. hubs dog used to sleep in his bed along w his son...i cut that to the quick. dog was running the household. we no longer have pets since he passed about 3 years ago.

  5. What an interesting blog! Glad I dropped in.

    Sounds like you love contests :-) If so, I have one running this week on my blog. The prize is a signed copy of The Skousen Book of More Amazing Mormon World Records by Paul B. Skousen. Great book! And he's willing to send anywhere in the world!


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