From the Ravings of a Mad Woman

So what do you do in the middle of the night 3 days before Christmas?
Well first do not go to bed at 8 pm like a fool.
Stay up and brave the people living in your home (not family).
You know the ones sleeping in your bed while your outside in a travel trailer.
Okay, your being supportive.
Helping out friends who need the help.
That is alright.
And your being "with" your husband who has been getting up at 4 am for work.
But then in the still dark night.
When all are asleep something happens.
5 1/2 hours since you closed your lil eyes (tired from reading).
They pop back open.
Wide awake.
And your body says I have to go to the potty.
Outside of this trailer, through the cold weather to get inside the house.
So you put on your shoes (sleeping with socks on).
And wrap the robe around you.
Reposition the lil doggie back under the covers next to sleeping hubby.
And brave the winter winds to go do your business.
Once inside you know you can not go to the bathroom alone.
No another few pets follow you in there.
Flush, wash hands and now it has happened.
YOUR fully awake.
The lovely people who are sleeping in your room have not cleaned up.
So you pick up the toys, clean the tables, wash the dishes.......think about sweeping.
What the heck might as well as melt some chocolate.
Dip the biscotti that you made so it will be ready for breakfast coffee.
Hummm, make some coffee. (what the heck your awake now)
Check your blog roll.
Play a game or two online.
And look up and see it is only 3:30 am.
Oh it is going to be a long, long, long night.


  1. wow i hope some of those lovely people do something lovely for YOU!!!! hope you get some rest today too!! :)

  2. mmmmm chocolate covered biscoti!!!

  3. It's me, Nessa. Hope you got some rest today. If I'd known you didn't sleep much, I wouldn't have left the kiddos. Thanks so much for everything you do! Love ya!

  4. A very productive long night. Hope you're sleeping better now. Merry Christmas!


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