Just thought it was cute to think of the beginnings of things.
Today is my friend Nessa's 30th birthday.
Happy Day Dear Lady!
And I know a little of her of her early life.
She is a woman who has her heart out for all.
And having had gone through some really tuff life experiences has helped this happen.
So what has our beginnings made us to be?
Well just by birth right I am a Texan.
And very proud of that!
By chromosomes I am female, yipee!
My husband is glad of that factor.
And by life experiences I am very very logical.
Thinking out things before I do them and making sure I do not have to retake a path in life.
I know there is so much more of course.
But our beginnings create our paths.
Yes, we vary them but we still travel.
So how about the beginnings of Christmas.
My beliefs are a celebration for Jesus Christ.
Others are of Winter Solstice.
And some of "just doing the gift thang".
What is your thoughts and beliefs on this major day of each year?


  1. wow... what a coincidence... i just can't help but notice that nessa is the name of one of the heroines in my last trilogy...and 30 years ago is when the significant event took place in my current novel! it's like i feel your post has given me a sort of cosmic... green light!!! to do... hm... not sure yet!!! but THANKS!

  2. You are logical, very logical. Like Mr. Spock.

    I am emotional, very emotional.

    As for thoughts on Christmas, it is a very special day. I believe it's true meaning too often is overlooked. It's more about give me stuff than anything else for a lot of folks, which is so sad.

  3. Hi Lynette, so sorry you are under the weather! That's what you get for partying too hard :-) I hope you feel better soon.

    Here's some chicken noodle soup, pal...


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