Miss Me?

Sorry I have not been here for a few days.
I was overwhelmed with responsibility and illness.

The kids have finally gone back to dads. And the mom has a new home.
She moves in on the 1st. So I am glad that we were able to help her get back on her feet. It has been hectic here with her 4 kids staying for 9 days. And the twins were ill. Also mom (of the kids) was working every day too. So we were babysitting. DH and I also gave our master bedroom to the family during this time so they could all sleep together. Meanwhile we slept outside in the travel trailer.

I will start child care again today with two lil boys. These are not new to me just coming back after a years absence. And I have seen them regular during that time so they know the house. I need the money so that is a good thing. But the house is not really baby proofed anymore. And the youngest will have to learn the rules. Dang where did I put the baby gate at?

Christmas was nice but quiet. We did our gift exchange on the Eve and had our neighbors (Nessa's group) over to celebrate with us. They said it was fun to do. We went there in the Morn and watched the kids tear through the gifts. I really enjoyed seeing the kids get excited. As a matter of fact the lil ones we had staying here did their gifts on the afternoon of Eve here too. We went Day to our in laws and exchanged gifts at two homes. Seeing our own granddaughter get her gifts from us made us happy. Actually we sorta gifted for several days. Not passing up that Nessa's b-day was the week before and my mom's (happy 75th) was yesterday. So it has been quite merry.

Friday evening and Saturday I was really ill with the tummy stuff. Could not leave the bedroom or bathroom Saturday. So my CG and mom had to watch the kids. Thankfully I woke Sunday and was much better.

Since hubby worked on the Eve and the Day we did not make a Christmas dinner then. Instead we did it Sunday the 28th (again my mom's b-day). My lovely college girl helped and did tons of the meal. Learning how to cook so much of it from scratch. She did the turkey by herself. Whoo-hoo. Do your remember your first holiday turkey? It was wonderful, tender and falling off the bones. CG also made cornbread dressing from scratch, Home made biscuits too! All the side dishes were from fresh veggies and we did not use any packages, mixes or premade anything. My dear hubby was a massive help too. He buzzed around and help stir, mix, cook and clean any and all that was asked of him. I think that the 60 deviled eggs alone was an amazing feat. Our sweet potato bake was so cute since it had white and pink marshmallows on top. We had an even dozen here for the meal and all ate more than we could imagine. Leaving tons left for this next week of dab dinner nights. So what was the finally menu?

Appetizers: chilled shrimp, relish tray, veggie tray, crackers & chips, dips, devil eggs
Side dishes: mashed tators, sweet potato bake, macaroni salad, green beans, broccoli and cauliflower, fruit salad, green salad, cranberry sauce
Main course: Turkey!!!
Desserts: banana bread, tons of cookies
Drinks: Tea, coffee and hot apple cider

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  1. that sounds totally delicious!!! am so glad to see you back... i wondered where you'd got to!!! glad to hear you are feeling better and what a great friend you are to help so many people in such a time of need!


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