Welcome Santa

Father Christmas

We are busy Lil elves here.
Scurrying around to get all ready.
Help us get the cookies tins all filled
(and labeled).
See that the Tree is assembled,
we love the fresh trees so we are leaving them alive.
It is time to arrange delivery of the gifts.
No, not yours but the ones we are helping you with.
Let us plan out the menu.
Good food to eat!
And bring to our ears the tingle, jingle and peel of
Christmas Bells and Carols in the air.
We have seen the pretty lights
on the house so fair.
Driving through the streets,
our "wagon" for a sleigh.
Wishing Merry Christmas
and Happy Holidays to those we meet.
Greeting flowing through the street.
Father Christmas,
We are ready and await.
Your greetings are welcome.
Cookies are here, stacked on a plate
even carrots for the reindeer eager to eat.
Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa Greeting
all ways to say.
We love our dear friends, neighbors and family
and Wish them all
Blessing this Day.

I wish to thank my brother Jason for the fantastic photo of Father Christmas.
He took this photo during a Ren Fair. I think he did fabulous work.


  1. great photo!! thats my image of father christmas!! and you guys are great elves!!! wanna come to my house and help whip my crew into shape? :))))

  2. This is how I picture Father Christmas as well!

    Y'all don't wear yourselves out now!

    Look across the street, our front doors are fogged up. Don't you wonder what's going opn over here?

    Love ya! XOXO

  3. I was just thinking how much i love the photo...just missing snow, but I guess this is what christmas is like in Texas!!!:)


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