Today we have an official full house. The kids I was doing childcare for are here for the next nine days. (thanks for all the prayers for this family) Preliminary court was today. The mom has not seen her 4 children for over a month. And she has visitation at this time. The really good news is that visitation started today and she has them til the 28th of this month. She has them for Christmas! So we are all excited for her. Now I really do want to put up a Christmas tree and all the decorations for these children. (thank you Lord for doing this) I found my Christmas spirit today. Seeing the eyes of these kids seeing their mom after a long break. Hearing them squeal and laugh. Even to have them yell, cry or fuss is music to my ears again. We are giving up our master bedroom so the mom and all the kids can have one room to share. It looks like it is slumber party time for them. Sadly she does have to work during this time. But she still gets to see them and they are quite safe here. Can you tell I'm happy? LOL

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  1. You know how happy I am about this! Getting hugs from those precious babies was the most wonderful thing! I was fighting tears listening to all the "Mommy I missed you!" talk.

    God is so Good!


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